This is it. This is why websites exist:  Articles!

The Article plugin lets you create, edit, delete and sort articles so that your users may easily peruse your content.
It's all provided in a simple and straight-forward way with an absolute minimum of bells and whistles.

This is not a three-ring cirkus, it's just content.

For the end-user it's not so different from just reading any old website, but thanks to this plugin it becomes easy for any aspiring writer to hammer down a few words. Thanks to CKEditor, it's all very straight forward, and all the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes, allowing pretty much anyone to be an article publisher on your site with an absolute minimum of training.

The sorting is handled by a single setting:  Parent.

Any article can be a child of any other article, leading to a hierarchy of articles like you are seeing on this page.
This is little text is under the Article menu entry, which in turn is sorted under the Plugins entry.

The absence of any complex sorting or deep publishing rules has it's downsides, of course!
What if you set the Plugin article to be a child of this one?! What would the menu look like?!

I'd try it, but I'm afraid my website would vanish into a black hole.

Written by Fredrik Vold 2016-03-21 22:23:11.
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