Thank you for your interest in WebKonsept.

WebKonsept is a website development framework and content management system by Fredrik Vold, and is essentially just an empty receptacle to pour your code into. It comes with a handful of useful plugins, like the Welcome plugin you are currently looking at, and is built specifically for my need to quickly and easily build whatever is needed for the task at hand.

This page has been under construction for a long while now, but it is finally coming together.
Over the next few weeks you can expect to see more and more content being added to the menu.

Picture of FredrikThe new design is by Monica Björk, as is the flashy new logo.

With time I hope to have the Content Management System behind this page packaged up in a neat format, and to document the plugin interface at it's core.
I will release it under the MIT license, or something similar.

Right now, however, the focus is on making it work right and do the job well.
The plugin interface is pretty much done, and the whole thing is satisfactory performance-wise, so I felt it was time to put it to work at least for my own needs.

As for the rest of the world? On the off chance that anyone wants to give it a whirl, feel free to contact me!